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Page_white_acrobat Event Planning and Risk Management Assessment Form
Please complete if your student organization is planning an event off campus. This form needs to be downloaded, printed off and signatures need to be obtained before submitting it to the Student Activities Office. Contact the Student Activities Office at 701-231-7787 if you have questions.
Page_white_word Fundraising Registration Request Form
1. This form is to be utilized by Student Organizations who plan to conduct a fundraiser (sales, auctions, tickets, charge event admission, etc.).

2. Please print this form, because this form must be accompanied by the reservations request, filled out and taken to the Student Activities Office (Memorial Union Room 120) for signature approval before space in the Memorial Union may be reserved.

3. Once approved, please submit this form along with the reservations request form to Memorial Union Room 246.

SOURCE: NDSU Policy-Section 150; 8.1.1 Rights and Responsibilities of Community: A Code of Student Behavior
Recognized student organizations must register fundraising activities with the Associate Director of Memorial Union/Student Activities Office at least two (2) weeks prior to advertising or initiating fundraising efforts. Activities or items associated with fundraisers must be consistent with university policies. Student organizations may use university facilities for sponsoring events at which admission is charged or donations are solicited, provided the group has worked with appropriate departments in reserving facilities and coordinating activities. Facility rental fees may be assessed for events at which admission is charged.
Page_white_word Starting a New Organization Packet
2012 New Student Organization Packet.docx
Please use this guide to assist you in creating a new student organization on campus.
Page_white_word Court Org Revew Sheet
Org Review Sheet 2012 - 2013.doc
Page_white_powerpoint How to Add Events to the Org Sync Calendar
OrgSync HowTo.pptx
All you need to know about adding your event to the calendar!
Page_white_acrobat ListServ Guidelines (Jan 2011)
ListServ Guidelines Jan 2011 PDF.pdf
Page_white_acrobat PR ThundarBolt (Jan 2011)
PR ThundarBolt Jan 2011 PDF.pdf
Page_white_word SG Code 2013 - 2014 Updated
SG Code 2013.doc
Page_white_word SG Model Constitution 2012 - 2013
2012 SG Model Constituion.doc
Page_white_word Student Government Application
NDSU Student Government 2012-2013.docx
Please fill lout this application and turn it into the Student Government office. - Memorial Union 128

North Dakota State University

Congress of Student Organizations, Student Activities Office

Dept 6000 PO Box 6050, Fargo, ND 58108-6050

Phone: +1 (701) 231-7787 - Fax: (701) 231-7866

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