Merry Christmas everyone!  The time of giving is upon us and the NDSU Rugby Team would greatly appreciate donations of any amount to help fund the future of Lost Boy Nation.  Anyone who makes a donation of any size will receive a Supporter's Poster showing everyone that you back your team.  A donation of $75 will get you an official NDSU Rugby match ball along with a Supporter's Poster.  Donations of $150 will get you an official Canterbury NDSU Rugby warm-up along with a Supporter's Poster. Donations of $200 and up will receive everything (Warm-up top, rugby ball, Supporter's Poster).

We appreciate donations at any time, but to ensure your merchandise gets ordered please make your donations final before December 31st, 2013.  To make donations please visit and click on the paypal donation button.  Please remember to leave a mailing address and size information if applicable.  Once again Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!

*Rugby warm-ups are being ordered on January 1st, 2014.  Their may be a slight time delay between when your donation was submitted and when you receive your warm-up top.

**The team as a whole is purchasing warm-ups which are earned through team commitment.  Therefore we are asking that you do not gift current players a warm-up top as they will be earning theirs from the team.  (Exceptions can be made for players graduating this year)

Field is located at the corner of 17th Ave N and 18th St N
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Our Sponsors:

  • 4/15/11 Caleb Schlack $30
  • 4/2/11 Jared Pearson $100
  • 2/20/11 Rob & Eileen Litchy $100
  • 2/9/11 Bob & Deb Kohler $50
  • 2/7/11 Jan & Dave Schlack $25
  • 1/29/11 John Hanley $10
  • 1/29/11 Cory Schlack $15